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Raising Business Capital

In our day-to-day life starting of a business has become quite essential for people with entrepreneurial ideas. To start a business it is essential to raise capital. This is the initial phase of starting up any business. Capital can be raised though investors who have got hot cash with them and planning to invest in a business which could yield good amount of profit. In this case the best people to approach initially are Angel investors. Angel investors can provide either one-time-injection or the seed money to start the business or even fund the business continuously as per their capability. So this breed of investors is more renowned when it comes to start-up ideas.

In case of starting a huge business such as a private company there is the possibility of banks coming in -since they are the ones capable of pumping in huge capital. Risk taking is essential at any time to progress in ones career. Both Angel investors and the banks provide the money which is like a loan and the borrower is primarily accountable for the amount borrowed by him.

Friends are another mode through which money can be raised to start up a business. The advantage with friends is that the interest rate may vary for the amount borrowed compared to the banks – like your close friend can lend you a decent amount for very little or even no interest. This is where networking benefits us and it brings in people from nowhere and its amazing to see how ones friend can help build hi/her dream by providing the capital needed.

Savings made in the form of PF/Gold/Insurance can benefit us to raise capital. Gold could be sold at any time and it can be converted to cash for an emergency. Insurance schemes provide us the principal amount along with interest at the time of maturity. PF also is very beneficial when we withdraw it All these ways provide us good amounts of cash during an emergency or when it is needed to build our dream. That being said it is always necessary to save money from our usual monthly income in order for us to build something in the future.

As we grow older we age and we lose energy so all the money saved in the initial years is the only ting which will pay us back during this time Above mentioned are few ways to generate capital for business. Thanks !

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Tips to get Better Employee Performance

You can easily motivate employees to get better performance by managing performance and tracking outcomes through continuous encouragement. The following are discussed steps that will help employer improve employee performance.

Constructive criticism
Criticism comes as a natural inhabitant in everyone’s professional life. It boosts the performance levels if done positively. Employers should always try to stick to constructive criticism and be careful in not bringing the morale of the employee down. Employee should never be told directly that you did this wrong; instead, they should be appraised for the right work done first and then told how they can improve the wronged part.

Set goals and keep the employee accountable
Employer should manage the entire performance of their employees by keeping a sense of responsibility and accountability alive in them. Employees performance will be improved if they are given targets and are accountable for the results.

In order to get best performance, the employer should offer his employees different incentives with each new project. Bonuses, increments and other such incentives help in managing the performance and tracking better outcomes. The hard work and efforts of employees should always be paid.

One to one discussion
Apart from the formal discussion between the employer and employee informal discussion help a lot in improvement of employees` performance. Employer should try and have discussion with every employee at different times. This will increase the confidence of the employee and he will trust his employer with his problems leading to a better performance.

Feedback of Boss
Feedback of employer works a lot in getting the employee’s better performance. The employer should handle the employees with good tactics and keep his energy boosted even if the feedback is negative. Employer should manage the entire performance in such a way that achieved targets are discussed before discussing a missed deadline. So, the employee knows that his efforts are recognized and appreciated.

Avoid negative group discussions
Employer should never prefer using Horns and Halo effect. Any negative feedback to a single employee should not be given in a group, as this will arise discouragement in him. If an employer has to discuss a non-satisfactory performance, he should be addressing to a group. Individuals should be dealt with separately and wisely.

Intentions of employer
An employer should never be biased towards an employee for any good reason. This goes against the ethics of the employer being in that position and also leaves a bad impact on employees. Employer`s pure intention should be the improved performance of employees even if he is criticizing something.

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